Saturday, January 28, 2012

{2011 year in Review}

Although there wasn't anything super exciting that went on last year, I figured since I wasn't very great at blogging that I would do a year in review to help us remember what a wonderful year it was.
JANUARY & FEBRUARY: must have been pretty quiet since I can't remember anything and I have very few pictures, none of which are that exciting...
MARCH: Av turned 2 and got a new cousin, Sullivan, the next day. She LOVES her little buddy, Sully!

We also got the wonderful news from the Cardiologist that my heart is healthy and there is no signs that any ever happened with my heart and we have a "green light" if we feel like it is right to get pregnant again!!
APRIL: For Justin's birthday I borrowed some golf clubs from a friend and I surprised him with a day of golf together- he always wanted me to go with him but I hadn't had too much success the few times we had been...we had such a great time that I got me a new set of clubs for myself so now we can go more often! got to see the overflow by Gunlock

MAY: I got a job one day a week in St. George
JUNE: Justin's brother Sam came home from his mission. Went to The Little Mermaid at Tuachan with Hilary and Brian's family and LOVED it!
JULY: Justin and I went to Lake Powell with Justin's family - first time away from Av. Thanks Grandma Nanette for coming down to stay with Avenly. She had a great time at the splash park and found her new favorite thing to do - ride on the carousel!

AUGUST: We all drove to California in the motor home to see Justin's brother Matt and his wife Johnna go through the temple and get sealed as a family. We got to go see the sights in San Francisco.

Tom and Lynn's pool got finished and we spent what was left of the summer there. Av loved the water...just as long as it didn't get anywhere near her head :) Started Potty Training Av - she's done awesome....still wears a diaper at night but for the most part wakes up dry.

SEPTEMBER: Justin went to Alaska with his brother's TJ and Willy to hunt Caribou. Av learned to climb out of the crib so we converted it into a big girl toddler bed.
OCTOBER: Av was the cutest Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween - we made it a theme so Justin was the Hunter and I was the Big Bad Wolf
NOVEMBER: Had a great Thanksgiving with all of Justin's Family
DECEMBER: Av and I got to spend some time up north with my family. We had a great time making humanitarian kits for Christmas this year...I had my mom cut bangs... Av kinda grasped the concept of Christmas and Santa - she is still including Santa in most of her imaginary play, and loves to sing Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming to Town (as seen in previous video :)

all in all it was a wonderful year, and we are excited for the new year to come


The Oyler's said...

It sounds like its been a great year for your whole family! I am so glad about the news on your heart!! That's amazing. Miss you guys!