Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Party

my birthday girl {2 years old}

Dear Miss Avenly
I can't believe you have been part of our lives for 2 whole years! And yet, in the same breath I can't imagine our lives without you. You bring so much joy to our lives and we love having your sweet little spirit in our home. However, as sweet as you are, you can be as equally...let's say 'spicy' ... You are teaching your mommy and daddy so much about how to be patient. But we must not be learning it, because you try to teach us again everyday! :) But we know that we are so blessed that you chose to come to us, and we know you will do great things here on this earth. You have such a fun personality and you make us laugh everyday.
We love you so much!!
You are incredibly independent, and very 2 years old you...
*know all of the colors and most of the shapes
*You can count to 10
*You recognize most of the letters in the alphabet, in any order
*You are always talking. You talk in complete sentences, and are a great communicator, most of the time that is, unless you are upset and then I have to remind you to use your words (instead of screaming :)
*You love to uses the phrases we say to "mommy look at me" (when I'm not paying attention to her) or "don't swollow it" (when we are chewing gum) "chew it up good momma" (when we are eating) and "don't squeak (squeeze) it" - when I give her a juice box, and also "mommy be nice"
*You love shoes and you are always putting on mommy's or daddys.
*You are just now starting to sing. You have always ask us to sing songs, but now you are starting to sing them by yourself. The week before your birthday you learned how to sing the happy birthday song and you sang it almost everyday. Then you would hold up 2 fingers and say, "I'm 2!"
*You still love water and to be outside. You would go for a walk everyday if you could. You love to jump on the bed and hide under the covers. You love books, movies, and anything that has to do with Elmo. You love bubbles, your tiger, and your baby. You will be the best mommy some day. You are so sweet to your baby, you love to take her for walks, feed her and even change her diaper. However you have been blaming your baby for things you've done that you know you shouldn't :)
*You loved your binky. I say loved because it "broke" about a week before your birthday. But I'm sure you would still love it if you had it. I cut a little hole in it and when you noticed it you told me, "I don't like this one, it's broken." so I asked you if you wanted to throw it away. You said yes, so you threw it in the garbage. It has been a hard adjustment for you. You still ask for it quite often and when I remind you that it was broken so you threw it away you say, ok, and thats it. But you have a hard time settling down to sleep at nap time and night time. Hopefully things keep getting better.
*You love to dance whenever there is music on...and it is the cutest thing ever. You get your hands up, bounce and shake your little hips. When we get in the car you say, "mommy music on" then you tell us, "mommy, daddy, dance" she has to make sure everyone is involved if one of us isn't dancing you won't leave us alone until we do.

*You are still my little peanut. Your 2 year old stats are:
weight- 21.10 lbs (2%)
height-33 inches (27%)
*You are a great eater! You especially love fruits and vegetables (the girl who watches you, Miss Jen, is a vegetarian) You also love noodles, cereal, and of course candy.
*You love your family. Mommy, daddy, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma's and especially your papa's.
*You love Jesus. You point Him out in all the pictures and I know you know who He is and that He loves you by the look on your face. You say the cutest little prayers, it is usually, "Heavenly Father, thank you for day. Name of Jesus Christ, Amen" (without help)
*You give the best hugs and kisses, when you want to. Usually you aren't super affectionate but when you are it melts our hearts.
*You are usually very polite. You always say Thank you. Please has been a little bit harder but we can usually get it out of you and when you say it you also still sign it. (that's about the only sign you still use). And you will say "excuse me" when you burp or need to get by someone.
We love you more and more everyday! Happy birthday sweet baby girl!!
Love, Mommy and Daddy

Friday, March 18, 2011

2 years ago today...

...i fell in love with my sweet baby girl! i can't believe she was so tiny and such a little miracle!! I will post more all about Avenly in about a week after her 2 year well check!

Friday, March 4, 2011

my little helper

Av isn't usually too happy when i wake her up from her first nap, so this time I decided I would wake her up by asking her if she wanted to help me make cookies. She woke right up with a huge smile on her face she was so excited!

She loves to stir it, and she knows that is her job

and of course the best part...licking the beaters! "I Lllliiick it" she says :) I love how she draws out her "L's" right now

love this girl! messy face and all