Friday, September 10, 2010

freezer jam and stroller rides

Justin and I bought a bunch of fresh peaches, most of which we've eaten, some I've frozen for smoothies, and the rest I decided to make freezer jam with. So while I'm busy in the kitchen Av decides she really wants to go for a walk, I mean really wants to go. She's crying hysterically pointing at the closet that we keep the stroller in, "walk, walk" she says over and over. So finally I told her she could take her baby for a walk around the house. We strap her baby in and I go back to making jam. Next thing I know she's back in the kitchen getting into cupboards and drawers, which she does all the time so I don't pay much attention to it. Once I'm finished and I can finally give Av my full attention I find her taking much more than just her baby for a walk :) silly least she kept herself entertained!