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Saturday, November 21, 2009

{first tooth}

just a quick post so I remember what day it happened...Av cut her first tooth yesterday!! I will try to get a picture, but it might be pretty difficult, she moves too much :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

5, 6, and 7 Months

Wow, I'm a terrible mom! My baby is 8 months old today and I haven't done her monthly milestone update since she was 4 months old! So since I'm sitting in a hospital room, hoping so badly that Justin will start to feel better...I figured I could pass the time trying to think back over the last 3 months to remember what our little Av was's more difficult than I thought! It's amazing how fast the time flies!

5 Months:

  • Does tummy time really well, and is getting very strong.
  • She is still only rolling from her tummy to her back...and it is very rare!
  • Sitting up really well in her Bumbo, and for a few minutes by herself.
  • Makes a lot of talking noises, but we can't pick out anything remotely close to ma, ma or da, da...we talk to her and tell her to say ma, ma or da, da, but she just laughs.
  • Starting to hate her car seat.
  • LOVES to laugh and giggle at Dad and Mom.
  • Always putting her fingers in her mouth, and chewing on everything like crazy still, but no teeth.
  • Still rubs her face and eyes when she is tired.
  • Loves the silky side of her blankets and needs it to have it next to her face to go to sleep.
  • Happy, smiley baby.
  • She moves her whole body when she gets really excited.
  • Still sleeping through the night but is having a really hard time with rice cereal so her tummy will wake her up.
  • Likes playing with her toys and is starting to realize they make noises when she shakes them.
  • Went to the pool for the first and only time this summer.
  • She will no longer snuggle, cuddle, or fall asleep in our arms :( so sad!
6 Months:

  • Sitting up all by herself, hates tipping over - so she hardly ever does; getting good at reaching for toys.
  • Still won't roll from back to belly, and can roll from her belly to her back - although she never does.
  • Wants to hold her bottle by herself so bad.
  • LOVES to look at, and read books.
  • Always wants to be standing.
  • Loves to jabber.
  • Stopped eating rice cereal because it was too hard to digest.
  • Did I mention she LOVES to be on her feet! .... all the time!
  • Still falls asleep a lot in the car and on walks, still taking 3 or 4, (1-2hr.) naps a day and sleeping through the night - what can I say, she needs her beauty sleep! it's working for her too, she is a beautiful baby!
  • Her 6 month well check stats are: weight - 13 lbs. 1 oz. (6th percentile); height - 23 and 3/4 in. (5th percentile) and her head...I believe was in the 15th percentile
  • Sitting up in her bath - loves to splash!
  • Arches her back when we put her in her car seat.
  • Loves to give mommy and daddy kisses.
  • She has found mom's hair and is always playing with it - mostly pulling
  • Such a fun, happy baby.
7 Months:

  • Thinks it's fun to dance with daddy.
  • Still refuses to roll over! She will roll from side to side, just not all the way over.
  • Sits up really well. She basically folds herself in half to reach for the toy she wants and usually she can get back up on her own.
  • Still likes to be swaddled to sleep, but hardly ever stays in her blanket all night - by morning she is all unwrapped and up in the corner of her crib.
  • Weighs 14 lbs. - we had to go in the doctor for a quick check
  • We decided we would start fruits...she LOVES peaches! But not just baby food peaches but Grandma Nanette's bottled peaches!!
  • She wants real food so bad! She is always watching mom and dad eat.
  • Still chewing and drooling on everything! but again...still no teeth to show for it.
  • She is very ticklish, and laughs harder at the anticipation of the tickle than the actual tickling
  • We love her funny little personality!!
  • If her tummy isn't bothering her she is ALWAYS a happy baby!!
We love our little Avie girl!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

a few new pictures

since I've been such a slacker, here are a few pictures from the last few months...eventually I will get around to doing Avie's monthly facts