Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas at the Jones'

Christmas this year was at my mom and dad's up in Kaysville. I love being able to get together with all of my family at this special time of year. This year we did one of Justin's family traditions with my family...the trap! When Jut was growing up he and his brothers would have to get through a trap on christmas morning with out setting it off in order to open presents right away. If they set off the trap, which they did most years, then they would have to wait until after breakfast, and pictures and other things to open presents. Since most of my family lives in Kaysville, it was only my brother's kids who where in from Tuscan who got to experience the trap this year. I'm not sure if you can tell, but there is fishing line strung back and forth up the stairs that was attached at the bottom to a bucket full of dominoes, so if you bumped the string too much the dominoes would all come tumbling down - making a loud noise indicating that they had set off the trap. Dylan made it through too fast that we didin't even get a picture.

then Gracie made it through
and so did Sage...he was so nervous that he was going to be the one to set it off that he almost didn't even try
presents here we come!!
Av got a new bike and an elmo doll, she just loves elmo right now

books and movies!
and of course all the fun little stocking stuffers
It was such a fun year and I'm so excited for the new year to come!