Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two Pink Lines

Yep, that's right this time there were two pink lines instead of just one!! It was April 2nd, I was only about 2 days late and even though I was anxious, I really didn't want to take a pregnancy test. I was tired of the disappointment every month, so this time I thought I would just be patient and give it a few more days before I took one. Well, Justin couldn't wait so that night he kept saying to me, "just go take it." Finally after all my excusses failed (ie. I don't have to go to the bathroom yet... it's better to take it in the morning, etc...) I gave in and took it, but there was no way I was going to be the one to look at it. So after I took it, I threw it on the counter and told Jut I wasn't going to look at it. So he pick's it up and starts in with all these questions like, " long do you have to wait for the results?"....umm, it says to wait 3 mins. " long has it been?" ....umm I don't know like a minute or two. "OK, well... does it start off with any lines?" ...umm no, but if there is only one line right now then another one isn't going to just appear in a minute, it's already negative.... "so...two lines means you're pregnant...and one line means you're not?"'s negative isn't it!? (almost in tears) So he says to me, "just come over here and give me a hug and kiss" Me still thinking it's negative, on the verge of tears, I walk over to him and he turns over the test to show me the two pink lines!! It's probably a little early to be telling everyone that we're pregnant, but we were both so excited. Besides pretty much anyone who actually visits my blog already knows anyway. We are only about 6 weeks along so that puts the due date at about Dec. 10th.

Jackson Hole Memorial

On March 29th Justin, Matt, and I met up with Brent's sister Sandy, her husband Sam and their son Ross; Brent's sister Linda and her husband Don as well as with Jeri and her children in Jackson Hole. Brent and the Boys had a wonderful fishing trip up there one year and they were all planning on going again. Since they hadn't had the chance to go back, when Brent passed away they thought it would be fitting to go up to Jackson Hole to spread his ashes. It was freezing, but we found the perfect spot to pay our respects and it turned out really well.