Thursday, May 21, 2009

more phone pictures

Again, the pictures are tiny because I took them on my phone. One day I'll learn to take my camera with me everywhere I go, but for now the camera on my phone gets most of the pictures. So here are a few that are a little more recent...I'll try to get some better ones on my real camera :)

2 month pictures

Once again beautiful pictures from Alisha! I can't wait to get the rest of them!! I really can't believe she is two months old, I know I said that last month and I will probably keep saying it every month, it all goes by too fast! So here's Avie's 2 month stats...

Weight: 8 lbs. 1 oz. (5th %) ... I was in shock!

Height: 21 inches (10th %)

  • she is becoming more and more alert, she is starting to follow us with her eyes and she loves to look at her mobile on her swing - we love to see her pretty blue eyes

  • she still loves her bath, although she doesn't like to be naked outside the water and she hates to have lotion put on

  • she is starting to get the hang of smiling, and daddy got the first one

  • she has the prettiest long eyelashes but they are still very light so they are hard to see
  • she has found her tongue and she is always sticking it in and out
  • she still loves her tummy time, especially when her tummy hurts
  • she is so long that her newborn jammies are starting to be too short and the 0-3 mon jammies from The Children's Place are fitting just right in the length!!
  • she wakes up usually just once in the night now around 3 or 4 but thankfully she goes back to sleep pretty good now (which is a blessing since I'm back to work)
  • I love the little half smiles she still does in her sleep, and the facial expressions are getting funnier
  • she has been quite the little traveler this past month going up to Salt Lake with me twice for my Dr's appointments - she slept pretty much the whole way
  • she grew out of her first bracelet (the tiny pearl one) her blessing day was the last day she wore it because it was starting to leave little indentations on her wrist

Avenly is such a blessing in our lives, she brings so much happiness, joy and peace to our home

Saturday, May 2, 2009

one month pictures

My sweet friend Alisha at One Memory At A Time Photography took these adorable pictures of Avenly! Of course it had to be on the one day it snows in St. George, poor baby,that's why she doesn't look too happy to be naked little angel! But they still turned out so cute. Thanks Alisha, you're amazing!!