Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 month pictures

Once again beautiful pictures from Alisha! I can't wait to get the rest of them!! I really can't believe she is two months old, I know I said that last month and I will probably keep saying it every month, it all goes by too fast! So here's Avie's 2 month stats...

Weight: 8 lbs. 1 oz. (5th %) ... I was in shock!

Height: 21 inches (10th %)

  • she is becoming more and more alert, she is starting to follow us with her eyes and she loves to look at her mobile on her swing - we love to see her pretty blue eyes

  • she still loves her bath, although she doesn't like to be naked outside the water and she hates to have lotion put on

  • she is starting to get the hang of smiling, and daddy got the first one

  • she has the prettiest long eyelashes but they are still very light so they are hard to see
  • she has found her tongue and she is always sticking it in and out
  • she still loves her tummy time, especially when her tummy hurts
  • she is so long that her newborn jammies are starting to be too short and the 0-3 mon jammies from The Children's Place are fitting just right in the length!!
  • she wakes up usually just once in the night now around 3 or 4 but thankfully she goes back to sleep pretty good now (which is a blessing since I'm back to work)
  • I love the little half smiles she still does in her sleep, and the facial expressions are getting funnier
  • she has been quite the little traveler this past month going up to Salt Lake with me twice for my Dr's appointments - she slept pretty much the whole way
  • she grew out of her first bracelet (the tiny pearl one) her blessing day was the last day she wore it because it was starting to leave little indentations on her wrist

Avenly is such a blessing in our lives, she brings so much happiness, joy and peace to our home


Alyssa and Dave said...

that is so funny that she was almost the same weight as weston at 3 wks. Hopefully he can bulk up and be around 8 at 2 months!! I love those pictures of her! She looks so pretty!! I need to go and get pictures of Weston done when we are allowed to leave the house. Does your photographer have a website?

Wardleclan said...

These are adorable pics! I can't believe you are already back to work? Who is watching her? Well you are such a great mom to have pics taken each month... i was really bad at that! They are so so cute!

Kailing Krew said...

I love her I love her!!!! She is soooooooooo beautiful!!! Can't wait to hold her again! She is perfect!!!
She totally looks like JUT in these pics

Kiley said...

She is so freakin cute!!

Aaron and Meg said...

Avie is just a little doll! I'm jealous mine is just starting to do 1x nighters. So how are you? Is your heart condition getting better? And yes I am back to work, 2x a week. Aren't girls so much fun!