Friday, July 18, 2008

The Big Wheel Race

Justin had this great idea that when all the borthers got together for his graduation that they would have this big wheel race. So of course he got everyone excieted and commited. Next comes all the planning and the rules...Jut and I went out driving one day to find the perfect hill for the race, we start driving up this steep mountain road with lots of turns...and the whole time Justin is saying, "this is great, it will be perfect..." one mile passes, and I say, "ok this looks like a good place to start" but Jut keeps on going, so two miles pass, and then three miles...finally at 3.8 miles Justin stops and is satisfied. He wanted to make usre the race wasn't over too quick...needless to say the first big wheel fell apart maybe 30 feet from the starting line, and the rest shortly there after...TJ made it the farthest, but I think Sam got going the fastest. Tom and Lynn were in the front of the race with the car and I thin kthey said they were going 35 mph and he was coming up on them. Each one of them were bound and determined to win, they were holding the wheels onto their bikes with their hands trying to get just a little bit further. It was a pretty funny sight, but since I was following the race in the truck picking up each of them one by one as their big wheels wouldn't stay together any more I wasn't able to get any pictures of the actual race so these ones will have to do.