Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Craziness

This year's christmas tree. We finally got a star on top...Av insisted!
I made a little Christmas tree and ornaments out of felt and stuck it on the fridge so Av could decorate her own tree over and over...however most of the time she just played with the ornaments stacking them on top of each other to create "sandwiches"
Christmas Eve over at the Packers. It's tradition to have clam chowder in bread bowls, open PJ's and then read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas followed by Luke 2 and family prayer.

Av's Christmas pajamas
Justin opening his PJ's
Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year, right after we came down to see if Santa came, we rushed to get ready for 9 o'clock church :)
Pretty girl in her pretty new Christmas dress
After Church we headed over to the Packer's to open presents...Av loved opening presents and thought everyone else would like her help in opening theirs :)

We had a wonderful Christmas full of lots of fun and time with family! We have been so blessed this past year and look forward to the new year to come!!