Monday, January 3, 2011

just for fun

here's a few fun pictures of Avenly...we can't believe how big she is getting, how long her hair is, and how much she talks!! she loves to have her picture taken, if you can't tell, every time we pull out the camera she yells, "cheese!" she is so much fun and very challenging also. But we learn so much every day from her and know we are so blessed to have this crazy little girl in our lives!
crazy hair
so grown up
yes, she is sitting in a metal mixing bowl :)


mccallpark said...

So big! And look at all that hair! She is beautiful! I loved your Christmas card!

MaRilla said...

so cute! Love you guys!!!

Wardleclan said...

Hey sorry I never got back to ya! Well I have been working just 1 day a week in hurricane since we built out house out here. The plan was to stop working when the baby came but for now We decided i would try and keep my one day a week. It may change when I realize what life is like with 3 kids!!!